The Right To Migrate    

by Paul VanRaden



A free, online book about human rights for you:

the right to leave your nation; to live in our nation.


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   1 Migration

   2 The Need To Migrate

   3 The Right To Migrate

   4 Poems for Immigrants

   5 Songs for Immigrants

   6 Movies for Immigrants

   7 Immigrants

   8 Friends of Immigrants

   9 Bureaucrats and Immigrants

 10 News about Migration

 11 Editorials for Migration

 12 How To Migrate

 13 Immigration Test

 14 Summary

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 1 Population Densities

 2 Potential Immigrants

 3 Migration of Clothes

 4 Migrant Jobs and Migrant Workers

 5 The Hawaii Example

 6 Songs for Immigrants

 7 Movies for Immigrants

 8 Wall Street Journal Editorials

 9 Worldwide Vote for Free Migration





Forward is the way that most of us travel, but other people may tell us to stop and go backward if we reach their border. All of us will have more places to go and more rights if we make immigration legal and border police illegal. As Americans, or Europeans, or Australians, or people, we value our rights. The right to migrate, which most people do not have, may have the highest value. This book explains why people should have the right to move forward.


I wrote this book in easy English. You only need to know a few hard words such as immigration. If we have a right to migrate, that means that each of us could find a new home on any side of any border. When you find the right place for you, you and your neighbors should try to live in peace. You also have a right to sit where you are and read this book. You can begin in any chapter and then go to any other chapter. In this book, you have a right to migrate.






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