Comments from Reviewers

on The Right To Migrate, by Paul VanRaden


Advance copies of The Right To Migrate were sent to about 30 scholars all over the world. Here are some of the comments received from them:


“I was very glad to hear of your book being out at last.”

Dr. Jeong Koo Lee, Kangwon National University,

South Korea


“I have finished ... The Right To Migrate. Very good thinking, Paul”

Dr. Luiz Fries, GenSys Consultores Associados,



“I read through your book ... then I understand your mind deeply.”

Dr. Sompop Kassumma, Ministry of Agriculture,



“I have been reading and reading your book further and further ... and now I am completely amazed at your inner thought and feelings.”

Dr. Fazlul Bhuiyan, Bangladesh Agricultural University,



“Many thanks for the book, I read several parts and found it well written and quite unique.”

Dr. Georgios Banos, Aristotle University,



“Thank you for your mail and comforting news about your book. The world will be great without so much fuss about visas.”

Dr. Victor Olori, University of Edinburgh,

United Kingdom


“GREAT Poetry!!!!”

Miriam McKenna, University of Southern California,

United States



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